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SIF (Special Innovations Formenti) is a company founded in 1989 to study, design, produce and market measurement, control, test and production equipment for industry, OEM plant builders, certification bodies of products and to test and research laboratories.

The founder Claudio Formenti creates this company to respond flexibly to customer requests through an organization aware of the importance and responsibility that each person has in ensuring support during the purchase phase, meeting the functional, performance and binding requirements of the product, and guarantee a direct and fast after-sales assistance.


SIF is an Italian company in constant evolution, certified UNI EN ISO 9001, which uses the most modern management strategies, with a good organization, with a well-structured operational headquarters, with a know-how of over 40 years, financially solid and with international clientele located in 60 countries.

Our first business was the production of equipment for the electrical cable sector for both laboratory and production. We have developed a great experience creating innovative products of high quality, with excellent performance and great reliability. The application in the company of Lean Production or Lean Thinking concepts, has allowed us to introduce these concepts within our products.