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Through our INVENTIVE and CREATIVE capacity, following the experience gained in all these years and most of all the great flexibility of design and production, we have been able to develop a large number of products that we supply in different sectors.

Our products can be grouped into equipment to be used in production and in the laboratory.

Our pluses



  • High Quality Products - over dimensioned; built with quality components; attention to detail
  • Reliable and long-lasting products
  • Products fully compliant with international standards - great experience in interpreting and conformity of the devices required by the standards.
  • Calibration service - periodic calibration of products in our company or directly in the customer plant.
  • ISO9001 certified company


  • Excellent performance - designed to achieve excellent performance.
  • Innovative products - designed to save time "KAIZEN" and to simplify the work of the operator.
  • Great Look - Maximum care of the aesthetic factor to communicate corporate prestige.
  • Communication / Industry 4.0 - systems designed with communication interfaces to communicate with supervisory systems.


  • Polyhedral consulting and experience - High Voltage, Fire, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Mechanics, Pneumatics.
  • Flexible and personalized projects - we can create customized or non-existent products on the market.
  • Complete supply - ability to provide integrated accessories in the system to complete the product. This saves the customer having to look for them elsewhere without being able to integrate.
  • Direct assistance - the customer can call directly in the company and the technicians are able to support him to solve doubts or anomalies.

Our products