Spark tester

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The SPARK TESTER is a tool for the quality testing of the product and it is applied in all stages of processing (extrusion, rewinding, matassatura, reuniting or stranding) during the production of the cable.
Through the application of "high voltage"1 it checks whether the cable insulation has defects such as micro-holes or pinhole or the lack of insulation so-called "bare copper".

In particular, the test with the SPARK TESTER on unipolar conductors is accepted by the standards as a substitute for the Dielectric Strength test. For this reason the AC waveform must be perfectly sinusoidal, as prescribed by the standards2.


  1. A medium voltage is actually applied, but the term "High Voltage" is used for convenience of expression.
  2. A Spark Tester with a distorted or in any case a not perfectly sinusoidal waveform cannot be a substitute for the Dielectric Strength test on single-core cables.