Our philosophy

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Our company has always focused on excellence through the customer-partner satisfaction, the involvement of our staff of collaborators and the close cooperation with our suppliers. The property is directly involved in the management to realize this project that has an important social purpose.

To develop our business, we base on values that guide us in everything we do:


we trust in the quality as an evolutionary concept transversal to the Company for its continuous development and improvement (KAIZEN) and as a fundamental element on which to realize an excellent product


we think that is important not to intend ourselves as a supplier of products but more broadly in a perspective of mutual collaboration with our customers to offer that added value in terms of accurate information, assistance on the analysis of needs even unexpressed, advice for choosing the product more suitable, flexibility


an attitude that facilitates the customer to trust on, knowing to feel calm and protected


our know-how accumulated over the years is put at the service of the customer that allows us to improve it thanks to its feed-backs


our employees are the most strategic resource of our company through the contribution of their skills. Our QMS, Quality Management System, integrates resources and activities and allows us to guarantee an excellent business operation for the customer benefit


our service is based on direct customer-producer relationship and assistance speed with average crossing times of less than 15 days for a repair

We are different for

  • Polyhedral consulting and experience - High Voltage, Fire, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Mechanics, Pneumatics.
  • Flexible and personalized projects - we can create customized or non-existent products on the market.
  • Products fully compliant with international standards - great experience in interpreting and conformity of the devices required by the standards.
  • Innovative products - designed to save time "KAIZEN" and to simplify the work of the operator.
  • High Quality Products - over dimensioned; built with quality components; attention to detail.
  • Excellent performance - designed to achieve excellent performance.
  • Great Look - Maximum care of the aesthetic factor to communicate corporate prestige.
  • Calibration service - periodic calibration of products in our company or directly in the customer plant.
  • Direct assistance - the customer can call directly in the company and the technicians are able to support him to solve doubts or anomalies.
  • Complete supply - ability to provide integrated accessories in the system to complete the product. This saves the customer having to look for them elsewhere without being able to integrate.
  • ISO9001 certified company
  • Reliable and long-lasting products
  • Communication / Industry 4.0 - systems designed with communication interfaces to communicate with supervisory systems.