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The Dielectric Strength test equipments are used to verify the goodness of the insulation of electrical products and in particular of cables when the product is finished. The test is performed through the application of a "high voltage", defined by the standards, by the specifications of the customer or the certification body. The system automatically detects any "short circuits" caused by the perforation of the insulation and signals them to the operator, after having disconnected the test.
The tests can be performed in alternating current or direct current.
SIF has a consolidated experience and guides the customer to the choice of the most suitable plant for his needs and to make the most of the power of the plant. We supply automatic systems with operator interfaces with color Touch Screen Graphic Display and accessories integrated into the equipment that facilitate our customers in the construction of the plant. We offer our consulting service in the design of the test LAYOUT
In recent years we have produced some very innovative systems, derived from the application of LEAN PRODUCTION or LEAN THINKING, which allows you to save test times and facilitates the work of testing by eliminating dead times between one test and another or in the search for the reel in short circuit.