Fire resistance test

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The current market focuses on the product price, relegating the quality and innovative solutions as secondary factor, especially when it speaks of test equipment.
Already more than one of our customers has purchased test equipment, which apparently seemed "low price", taking for granted the quality. In the stage of approval of the cables, due to the lack of conformity to the requirements of the standards that were causing problems continue, the customers have been forced to remove the existing testing equipment and buy from SIF new HIGH QUALITY products.

SIF designed and developed a new combined system for FIRE RESISTANCE TEST that satisfies standards IEC60331-1 / 2/11/21/23/25/31, BS6387, BS8491, BS7346, EN50200, EN50362.
In addition to compliance with the standards, which for SIF represents a "basic" aspect, the customers have been able to receive a product with highly innovative solutions, the result of 25 years of experience.

The technical team has designed and developed this system to meet:

Combination, Flexibility e Easy Use


  • Many as nine tests were combined in just 3 devices, an electric cabinet and a air gas cabinet.
  • A first device integrates the tests of FIREALONE, SHOCK TEST and WATER SPRAY that allow to satisfy the IEC60331, BS6387 and EN50200. The product engineering has made possible with simple and fast mechanical operations to configure the test to execute.
  • A second device integrates the tests of IMPACT DEVICE and WATER JETto satisfy the IEC60331, BS8491, BS7346 . A system ensures the right quantity of water and pressure according to standard by comfortable adjustments.
  • A third device is provided to test with the SPRINKLER to satisfy the BS6387. A system ensures the right quantity of water and pressure according to standard by comfortable adjustments.
  • An electric cabinet with PLC and touch screen 5.7 "color SIEMENS by menu of selection and specific functions it allows to perform the desired test. Among other things, was implemented simple and practical utility to execute various checks required by the standards. The electrical panel allows to adjust, by simple adjustments, the test voltages up to 1000V and currents up to 250mA, through a system of loads exclusive SIF. The values are read directly on appropriate digital instruments of measure.
  • It is possible to replace very quickly the device for testing and measuring the temperature of the flame with the support equipped to mount the cable under test to the shock test.
  • An instrument cabinet to regulate the flame of the burners, propane gas and air, and read the related measures by two MASS FLOW METER OF HIGH QUALITY and special gauges.




  • Through mechanical indicators, the customer can demonstrate the compliance to the auditors: the movements of the SHOCK TEST and IMPACT TEST; the inclination and the quantity of WATER JET;
  • Through a box, according to the standard, and indicators it is possible to check the quantity of the water supplied from the SPRINKLER.
  • Through digital measuring instruments is measured voltage and current.
  • Using the touch screen you can read and set the test time.
  • Through the MASS FLOW OF HIGH QUALITY you can directly read the display, without false reading and this facilitates the periodic calibration.
  • Through an insulated panel equipped according to the standard, two thermocouples and a digital instrument for the temperature measuring it is very simple to check the temperature of the flame.


Security and reliability of the test 


  • Each burner has a special combined system for ignition and control the presence of flame connected to the main safety valve of the gas. In case the flame goes out automatically it is stopped the supply of the gas.
  • The electrical panel allows to select the three test zones safely and easily in order to enable the safety devices, the circuits of the burners, water systems and especially direct the test voltage, adjustable up to 1000V, only in the area where you are testing in total safety.
  • It is permitted to insert the test only if the settings of the voltage and current test are zero.


Time and costs saving


  • The exclusive SIF current adjustment , takes advantage of the special loads that can save energy at each test, avoiding to waste it on the lamps.
  • The preparation of the various tests is very fast, thanks to the comfortable mechanic assembly, quick interchangeability of the burner and the software and control systems which manage the tests.


R&D e Styling

The system has been studied in all details both functional and ergonomic.
Great attention has also been given: to graphics and illustrations that guide the operator; to the look.
This provides to the customer with the purchase of a product made in Italy of excellent quality and design that communicates to the customers and auditors the prestige of your company.