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New system for the automatic regulation and control of cable flexibility test



Once again SIF has been able to re-innovate a product that already had no rivals on the international market.

We are talking about the equipment for alternate bending or cable flexibility tests according to the EN50396 and EN50289-3-9 standards.

The equipment is composed of a mechanical part for alternating bending of the cable under test and an electrical part that simulates the conditions during electrical operation.

Laboratory tests have now become an integral part of the production and research and development cycle of a cable, for this reason SIF has adopted cutting-edge study and design criteria for the development of this system:

  • compliance with international standards and repeatability of tests
  • sinusoidal mechanical movement, silent and without chain, which cancels the excessive mechanical stresses impressed on the cable by the equipment which can completely distort the test result
  • simplification and speed in the preparation and change of the test set
  • automatisms to simplify the adjustments and automatic maintenance of the set values
  • detection and differentiation of the various types of defects according to standards
  • reduction of the cost of each test carried out thanks to our innovative electrical regulation system of the test currents and voltages

Next to these, the additional benefits that our system offers are:

  • Operator safety
  • Silentness of the test, in order to insert the equipment inside the laboratory
  • Ability to capture test data, compile reports, archive and save data for analysis and projects.
  • Communication of events to the operator via the Telegram app, in order to always be updated in real time on equipment status changes
  • Conditions of tax relief on purchase such as for example the FACTORY 4.0
  • corporate image and prestige that a performing test equipment offers to customers, suppliers and collaborators