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The KAIZEN system, developed by TOYOTA to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in production, has shown that by reducing dead times and optimizing routes and processes, you can get great results and saving costs.

But how do you reduce the time and costs during the Dielectric Strength Tests on the cables?

SIF careful to these aspects, more and more important for companies, has designed and developed a new High Technology system, allowing to test CONSECUTIVELY, according to a programmed sequence, the conductors and/or the screens of one or more bobbins of cable. The programmed sequence is completely configurable by the touch screen graphic display of  iHV  which  i  means   innovative, intelligent, intuitive, illustrated, interactive   and  HV  means  High Voltage


The key aspects of the iHV_RD100_C8D6K5A10HG project on which the technical team SIF has focused are:


The system can be supplied as a standalone system or integrated into a traditional high voltage system to allow testing in standard and switching mode.


This model, has 8 connection points. The operator performs the connections, 8 between conductors/groups of conductors and/or screens/group of screens, once before to make the test. The net time saving can reach from 15/30 minutes till 2 hours for the sequence of test.


The system automatically performs the programmed sequence and connects the 8 points in a defined sequence of 6 diagrams:  to the High Voltage, to ground or NC not connected.
For each of the 6 diagrams are associated a voltage value and a time of test.


To ensure the total operator safety:

  • The power and High Voltage are mounted inside a cabinet and placed in the commutation BOX.
  • After each step, the test system discharge the residual energy of the cable by a dedicated circuit.
  • The system also manage: the safety of the gates and status lamps for “allowed access or not allowed access” into the test box, the emergency buttons.


Easy to use.

The interaction panel consists of a 7” graphic touch screen display with an “illustrated” menu, very easy to use, which guides the operator step by step during the use. Simply select the program number with the test sequence stored, press the start button and the system … will do the rest!
During operation, the system will show to the operator step by step the sequence execution and at the end of the test it will return the result of entire test, complete and in detail.


R&D and Styling.

The system has been studied in all the details both functional and ergonomic.
Great attention was also given to the graphics, to the illustrations to guide the operator and to the look.
This provides the customer with the purchase of product made in Italy with an excellent design.

Protected and replicable programming.

The programming of test sequences can be performed by an administrator. Access to programming can be protected by a password. All the programs can be saved by a backup system to prevent the loss of data. At the same time this system permits to transfer, from one company to another within the same group, the programs already stored (option).

Reliability Test.

The equipment has an amperometrical coordinated system of protection that in case of short circuit of the cable, disconnect automatically the circuits to protect it. The program can stop or not the sequence of the test and follows until the end.



When Integrated into the commutation system or associated with a Dielectric Rigidity system as an autonomous system, this Lean Production-Kaizen-based absolute innovation, automatically detects which conductor or cable bobbin is short-circuited and consequently it is possible to exclude it to continue the test on the rest of the conductors or bobbins.
In particular we have developed a system that allows you to connect 15 reels of cable in parallel and to search for the one that is in short circuit. 
SIF with its design flexibility and its experience in High Voltage systems has designed and developed a new High-Tech system, which allows each individual cable bobbin to be connected on 15 channels, to test and detect which cable reel of the 15 connected is short-circuited. The system signals which is the defective one and allows to exclude it, allowing to continue the test on the rest of the connected cable reels.


The same system can also be applied to the commutation system in order to detect which is the short-circuited conductor. Furthermore, by adding the sectioning groups on each reel under test, it is possible to search, in addition to the short-circuited conductor, also the defective coil and to exclude it to continue the test on the others connected in parallel.