Smoke density measurement

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The measurement of smoke density is an important aspect in the evaluation of the burning performance of cables as it is related to the evacuation of people and accessibility for firefighting.

In order to be able to measure and evaluate the actual density of the fumes produced by the cables that burn under defined conditions, the EN 61034 - 1 standard provides that the variations in the transmittance of a light beam are monitored inside a 27m3 chamber where the light source is placed on one side opposite to the one where the light receiver is positioned.

Starting from these points, SIF has developed and created an innovative system with characteristics superior to those of the instrumentation proposed by competitors.




Modular chamber and easy installation

  • Realized with 2 mm thick galvanized panels in order to guarantee a solid and longlasting structure
  • Simple and intuitive assembly system with step-by-step instructions for assembly with keys and screwdrivers to allow our customers to complete the installation in just one day, thus saving considerable costs
  • Walkable floor in textured  metal sheet included in the supply
  • Access door complete with handle, closure and gaskets with inspection window and darkening panel
  • Accessories inside the cabin for carrying out the test made according to the requirements of the standard to ensure the correct performance of the test




Accurate and reliable photometric group

  • Made of a white light source with defined and stabilized voltage and a receiver placed according to the standard
  • Filters of different optical density and mounting accessories
  • Pc and Software for test monitoring and check of the photometric group functioning
  • Creation of customized test report with customer company logo
  • Electrical panel for switching on the photometric system, internal service light, smoke distribution system and suction fan


Quick and easy installation

The chamber has been designed and built in a modular way, totally demountable. This allows the customers to assemble and install it correctly and quickly via simple guided operations and only with the use of screwdrivers and wrenches, with great savings.

Reliability and Repeatability

The system has been designed to guarantee the standards prescribed by the regulations, so that the photometric system and camera ensure repeatable tests.

Styling and Quality

Attention to aesthetics is underestimated by most manufacturers but it is a very important factor. This allows you to create a high quality laboratory which, in addition to being a source of pride, transmits an image that reflects the quality of your company to customers or visiting testers. Furthermore, a nice product makes the environment comfortable and stimulating for those who work there