Smoke density measurement

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SIF, wanted to renew this system for the measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions according to IEC61034-1/2, also more simply called 27m3 chamber, using its experience and know-how
There are many factors that distinguish an innovative product from a product whatsoever.


SIF, customer oriented, has paid great attention to some fundamental elements such as:

Quick and easy installation

The chamber has been designed and built in a modular way, Totally Demountable. This allows the customers to assemble and install it correctly and quickly via simple guided operations and only with the use of screwdrivers and wrenches like IKEA method, with great savings.


The interior of the chamber is equipped with embossed sheet panels to prevent the operator from slipping. Furthermore the chamber has been designed to ensure sealing and avoid smoke release.

Reliability and Repeatability.

The system has been designed to ensure the prescribed standards, so that the photometric system and the chamber guarante repeatable test.

Styling and Quality.

Attention to aesthetics, underestimated by most manufacturers, is a very important factor. This allows you to create a high quality laboratory that in addition to being a boast transmits to customers and test inspectors an image that reflects the quality of your company. Furthermore, a beautiful product makes the environment comfortable and stimulating for those who work there.