iHV_PST550K15 Spark Tester Performance Verification

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High Technology system of the iHV serie, with touch screen graphic display, to VERIFY the performance of the SPARK TESTER according to CEI EN 62230 and BS5099 standard.

iHV, which i means innovative, intelligent, intuitive, illustratated, interactive and HV means High Voltage.

The SIF’s team, that designed and developed this product, has made great attention to some key elements such as:

Easy to use.

The interaction panel, in fact, consists of a 7 " touch screen graphic display with a " illustrated " menu, very easy to use, which guides the operator step by step through the use of: setting the rpm number, the measurements displayed and general product information.

Compact, lightweight and practical.

The experience and knowledge of the CEI EN 62230 and BS5099 standard, has helped SIF to engineer a product with a great reduction in size. We have realized the iHV device in a lightweight suitcase of industrial type, protected from water and dust IP67, with very small dimensions. For this reason it is possible to move and use the device easily and store it in a small space when not in use.


Operator protection: against accidental contact by a transparent door with safety switch, by an high voltage connector block and by a specific guidance on the interaction panel.

Reliability Test.

Through the interaction panel, the system remembers the user to change the needle of the fault artificial device, as prescribed by IEC 62230 and BS5099 standard. This ensures the reliability of the periodic test.


Both the look and the system operation have been cured in every mechanic detail and in particular the graphics and illustrations that guide the operator. So the customer can buy a product made in Italy with an excellent design..