9 in 1 fire propagation test system for single wire and cable, you won't need anything else

Test system according to UL 1581, UL 2556, IEC 60332 - 1/2 and ISO 6722


SIF has expanded his innovative all-in-one test system for flame propagation test on single wire and cables.

Firstly developed to meet the test requirements of IEC60331-1/2 and UL 1581 and UL 2556 tests FT1, FT2 and  VW1, the system has been improved following the desire of our customers-partners to have a single equipment for testing single cables.
The NINE tests that the system can now host are:

  • IEC 60332-1-1/2
  • IEC 60332-2-1/2
  • FT2/Horizontal flame - UL 1581 and UL2556
  • FT1 Test - UL 1581 and UL2556
  • VW-1 (Vertical-Specimen)/FV2 Flame Test - UL 1581 and UL2556
  • Cable Flame Test - UL1581  NEW!
  • Horizontal-Specimen Appliance-Wire Flame Test - UL1581 NEW!
  • FV-1/Vertical flame - UL2556 NEW!
  • ISO 6722 – Chapter 5.22 - Resistance to flame propagation NEW!

The software for the Siemens PLC & Display of the control cabinet have been updated and improved to manage automatically ALL the tests according to the different standards. The system automatically tilts the burner on and away from the sample according to the tests instructions and indicates all the necessary times to be registered for the evaluation of the results. The switch-off of the flame at the end of the tests is safe and automatic and the regulation of the flame height guaranteed by the high quality mass flowmeters and the regulation tools supplied with the equipment.

All the tests rigs and burner groups are mounted on the single support table which allows a comfortable management of the tests preparation. Useful tools speed up and facilitate the operator work. The reference burners are ready and connected to the test equipment without the necessity to mount and demount them every time.

In this way it is possible to place the table inside the test chamber which is equipped with quick connectors for the connection of the two group of burners in a few seconds and the control of the tests and the flows are managed always with the same cabinets.