All-in-one automatic system for flame tests on single cable according UL and IEC

Another innovation in fire tests by SIF!




The approval of single cables based on the reaction or fire resistance requires tests in specific conditions both in Europe with the IEC standards related to the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), and in America according to UL or ASTM standards.

Our customers-partners,careful to make always more performing cables suitable for being marketed worldwide, have submitted to us the need to test the resistance of the single cable to flame propagation according to the tests dictated by both UL and of the IEC.

The SIF research and development team has therefore taken up the challenge and developed a single system capable of meeting both the requirements of the FT1, FT2 and VW1 tests of the UL 1581 and UL 2556 standards, and of the tests of the IEC 60332-1/2: 


  • All the UL and IEC test systems have been housed on the appropriate stainless-steel support table / cart, without the need to disassemble and reassemble the different burners to perform the various tests.
  • The reference burner is in fact always ready to use on the table and it can be easily selected before the test. Moreover, all the burners are connected to a single regulation panel for the air and gas flow and pressure with fine regulators, pressure gauges and measurement by high quality digital mass flowmeters.
  • For the preparation of the UL tests there are some comfortable accessories that allow you to quickly transform the test set according to the FT1, FT2 and VW1 methods.
  • The table / cart is positioned inside a single safety cabin in stainless steel with hermetically closing front doors, windows for test inspection and protective gloves to carry out operations inside the cabin from the external in total safety. An internal led lamp allows a better vision. In addition, the cabin is already set up for connecting the customer's suction system.
  • A single control panel with PLC and keypad with graphic display, allows to select and execute the cycles of the different UL tests, AUTOMATICALLY carrying out both the movement of the burner on the sample under test according to the times described by the standards, and the extinguishing of the flame at the end of the test with registration of times according to standards. It is also possible to start the suction fan.


In this way the operator will only have to worry about following the test and recording the results at the end.

The focus during realization has always been on:


  • Ease and practicality of use for the operator
  • Speed and interchangeability of tests, cleaning and maintenance according to the concepts of LEAN PRODUCTION
  • Safety and total compliance with standard
  • Automation and communication interface, with the possibility of acquiring data via PROFINET and generating a REPORT on a PC, according to Industry 4.0
  • Product quality, durability and reliability
  • Look and Design to enhance the product


In this way it was possible to overcome the challenge once again with a result of great customer satisfaction, which appreciated our ability to meet the requirements, introducing innovations.

Thanks to these elements SIF confirms itself as a leading company in the realization of test systems.