Upgrade of smoke density test chamber according to IEC 61034 - 1/2



SIF has been manufacturing for many years the test system for measuring the smoke density of the cables that burn under defined conditions according to the IEC 61034-1 and 2 standards. Our chamber has always been at the forefront, completely screwable and with a simple and intuitive assembly thanks to step-by-step instructions, floating floor and adjustment system for leveling and ducts with pre-inserted cables that can allow our customers to complete the installation in just one day, thus saving considerable costs. Furthermore, the high quality of the construction materials, with 2 mm thick galvanized panels, and the engineering of the parts guarantee the customer a robust structure, which lasts over time, and with an aesthetic factor that "furnishes" the environment rather than "suffocate" it.

This year, with the opportunity of a new collaboration with one of our important cables manufacturing partner, we decided to further improve the system, by carrying out an update of the photometric group and of the test management software, installed directly on the PC supplied with the equipment, able to simplify and speed up the operator's activities.

This upgrade allows to: 

  1. Measure with extreme precision the variations in light transmittance due to smoke emissions and monitor them in real time thanks to the graphical representation and numerical indication
  2. Create an editable and customizable test report with company logo, able to automatically indicate the test result
  3. Generate a .CSV file for each individual test capable of storing all test data to analyze its progress or for future use
  4. Manage the test by automating the stop in case the test conditions require it
  5. Check the condition of the measuring system using calibration filters and easy-to-read indications
  6. Easily insert filters of various densities into the photometric group thanks to the new quick insertion system