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The purpose of the Fire Resistance test is to recreate the conditions to verify the ability of the cable to continue functioning correctly during the fire that involves it directly, for the necessary time for the intervention of firefighters. The insulation may be damaged, but the cable must continue to operate in accordance with the parameters prescribed by the standards. Different types of tests are foreseen depending on the reference standard IEC, BS, EN, with the addition of additional external stresses: mechanical shock, water spray, sprinkler and water jet.

In recent years, many companies have adopted these test equipment according to international standards both to test their product and therefore to guarantee the requirements required to sell in specific sectors, and through Research & Development as a strategy to achieve new goals of improvement and savings on already consolidated products and also for new types of cable.

SIF through the collaboration with the main testing and research institutes, the scrupulous analysis of the standards and the very important communication with customers to understand their needs, has been able to develop a complete range of equipment for testing in fire conditions, with particular attention to:

  • COMPLIANCE WITH STANDARD IEC 60331-11, IEC60331-21, IEC60331-1, IEC60331-2, EN50200, EN50362, BS6387, BS7846, BS8434-1, BS8434-2, BS8491.

Elements which composed the system

Burner kit

Burner and venturi mixer according to the reference standard and their own support, electric panel with push-buttons and piezoelectric system to light the burner, reset button and safety system to detect the presence of the flame

Instrument cabinet for supply, measurement and regulation of burners for the different fire test compositions

Cabinet in painted sheet where the instruments are housed, high quality digital mass or glass flowmeters with calibration for propane gas and air equipped with flow regulator, including pressure gauges and pressure regulators for air and gas and safety and no-return valve.

Electrical cabinet for continuity check during the test in analog or digital version

Completely sinusoidal test voltage and adjustable via three-phase voltage regulator, connection diagram and fuses according to standards. Automatic test interruption system in the event of a short circuit. Special low-consumption adjustable loads or alternatively lamps with protection against accidental contacts and not to dazzle the operator

Equipment available to perform the different tests according to standards

Apparatus for test to fire alone

according to  Fig.1 of the standard IEC 60331-11/21/23/25 and BS 6387 Protocol C and EN50200

Apparatus for shock production

according to standards IEC 60331-1/2, BS 6387, EN50200 and EN50362

Device type WATER SPRAY EN50200, complete of kit for mounting on shock test apparatus

SPRINKLERTEST for fire resistance test with water

according to BS 6387 Protocol W

Equipment for fire resistance test with SHOCK DEVICE and WATER JET

compliant with standard BS8491


Safety test chamber type FIRESBX6_SWA for multiple fire test equipments (also valid for housing the flame propagation test on a single cable)